Assessment and Testing Services for Wind Turbines



We support the assessment of blades using photos & video from the ground, with drone aircraft, or from direct access to the blade.


We have the skills to measure the dynamic response of wind turbines to estimate natural frequency,  damping ratio, and modal response.


We have experience using calibfrated strain gage bridges on both composite and metal components to measure wind turbine loading under a wide range of operating conditions.

We analyze failures and develop solutions to address root causes.

We are skilled at provided expert assessments using data and measurements gathered from the wind turbine operating site.  






What is the specific problem, failure, or issue to be investigated?

Collect data about conditions that lead to the observed outcome.

Develop, implement, and verify a solution that will correct the root cause of the issue.

Monitor and control the process to assure a permanent solution.

Assess  •  Remediate  •  Verify

We have experience with the root causes for a wide range of wind turbine operational issues.  

Our engineers are well versed in methods to develop remedial solutions that are cost effective and practical.


We often perform inspections and organize laboratory and field test efforts to measure and validate.


Evaluate the measurements to identify the root cause of the problem.

Video: Attaching Instruments for Dynamic Response Testing